Takoma Children’s School prides itself on its exceptionally talented staff.  A school is only as good as the staff and teachers it hires.  At TCS, we treasure our staff and teachers and value the role they play in our community. We offer competitive salaries and good benefits. Through participation in professional development, each staff member continues to add to his or her experience, skills, and knowledge of early childhood education.  Fairly unique to other full-day preschools, teachers are given weekly time to plan with their colleagues to create a child-centered curriculum. It is our goal to retain our outstanding staff and teachers for as long as possible.

Our wise and wonderful teachers serve as facilitators to the children in their care, and as resources to their parents. In addition to many years of experience educating young children, most of our teachers have a Bachelor’s degree while some have a Master’s degree. TCS teachers also have skills and expertise in fields outside of early childhood education, and they share those talents with your children, which include music, art, drama, dance, yoga, Spanish, gardening, cooking, photography, film, writing, storytelling and environmental education.

We know first-time school experiences may come with its challenges, but it also has its rewards. The community that surrounds your child is ever-present and together we hope to create a strong foundation for your child’s early years.