TCS has upgraded operational protocols to reflect the latest COVID-19 guidelines.  We remain committed to providing a high-quality learning experience for our families, while prioritizing the safety of our community.

  1. Air Circulation– Each classroom has an exterior door that leads to the patio. We leave these external classroom doors open whenever possible for increased air circulation – they are kept closed during the extreme cold or heat. Each classroom also have portable HEPA air filters capable of at least 5 air changes per hour.
  2. Masks – When DC or Montgomery County are in Low or Medium Community Levels then wearing masks indoors for adults and children is optional.
  3. Vaccination– All TCS staff are required to be fully vaccinated. We don’t require that our children are vaccinated, but the majority are fully vaccinated.
  4. Outside/Playground-TCS has always prioritized outdoor play! Children go out in all types of weather and families are expected to provide sunscreen, hats, rain boots, rain coats and rain pants, snow boots and snow pants, gloves, and many pairs of extra clothing. We love jumping in puddles, exploring mud, and painting in the rain. We have increased the time spent outside during COVID. We have a spacious playground area full of climbing structures, slides, scooters, sand, dirt, gardening, loose parts, and lots of space for children to run around. Teachers provide outdoor play opportunities as much as possible, but when the weather does not permit playground usage, the classrooms have access to an outdoor patio.

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